Manufacturer And strength of BLCK Cola

blck Cola, manufactured by the same producer of Killa and Pablo,, is an all-white nicotine pouch with a clean mint scent and a refreshing cola flavor with a nicotine strength of 12mg/g.


How Do I Feel After Using BLCK Cola?

When I opened the can, i'am noticed the heavy presence of menthol by a light touch of cola. The pouches are Slim and soft. Under the lip I encountered a cooling feel when I placed the pouch. In terms of flavor, the presence of Cola is a little bit. The flavor is actually present in big Menthol and Cola in the background. Finally Nicotine level feels in soft range and lasts about 45 minutes.

Weighting of The Pouches

Weight one portion in .8 gram. There are 20 pouches in a can. Total weight of the pouches are 16 grams. Nicotine strength 12 mg per gram. Nicotine per pouch is about 9.6 grams.

What is The Speciality of BLCK Cola

The pouch is super soft and resistant and is made from three different types of cellulose contributing to a longer release of nicotine and a smooth absorption and nicotine effect. Feel the sting when you place this discreet and comfortable plate under your lip and enjoy the long-lasting, slow release of BLCK. BLCK nicopods are a smoke-free, tar-free alternative and don't emit carbon monoxide.